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About Us

Genealogy Passions offers delightful and unique apparel, gifts and products for those with a passion for the study of genealogy.

Our visitors share a deep love of family and treasure the relationships and family memories that are created over the years.

They are also enormously proud of their ethnic heritage and appreciate how those who came before, along with their traditions and celebrations, shape the person they are today as well as the family traditions they carry on with their own loved ones.

If you find joy in the process of discovering your family history and look at the study of Genealogy as an important hobby that will leave a lasting legacy for your family, you’ll love the products and information you find at Genealogy Passions.

With a lifelong passion for digging deep into my family roots, I qualify as a bonafide ‘cemetery junkie’ who wants to know the story behind the gravestone…

We sell made to order items decorated with playful illustrations for people, like me, who love to burn the midnight oil while discovering the treasures and tales of our family history and lineage.

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